Austin Rally Monte Carlo keychain in leather


This key chain is solid copper which has been plated in shiny gold and handcrafted enamel. It is a true work of art. The keychain meassures appr 60 mm in diameter and weighs a solid 34 grams. it comes in a gift box. The keychain is a tribute to Mini entered in this legendary rally. Its colour scheme, and its number 37 as well as the legendary registration number 33 EJB makes your hart beat faster. Scroll down to read more!


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The Monte Carlo Rally promised to be more exciting than ever in 1964. And what had become increasingly evident in the years before then became a clear fact on 17 January 1964. The era of the amateurs was coming to an end, with more and more works teams now entering the Monte. Mini works drivers Patrick Hopkirk and Henry Liddon set out on the Monte in a car that was to become a legend. The Mini Cooper S compensated its lack of power through its nimble handling combined with front-wheel drive. The Mini of Hopkirk went on to win, and the small Minis had forever earned their place in the hart of every true car enthusiast.

Just look at the detailed pictures! Use it for your Mini key, or just keep it in your collection, on your desk or in your book shelf as a reminder of a great episode in rally history!  What a truly stunning car! And what a badge!


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