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Retroveloce is a passion business more than anything else. It is sprung from our own genuine interest in old cars and racing. We simply love it! All products are developed from the perspective that we would want them ourselfes.

It all started with the search for that elusive badge to put on one of our own cars many years ago. Then 1 or 2 items were developed, and more followed, before it all went into idle mode when real jobs took most of our time. Now again there is more time to enjoy all the things that evolve around the cars, and the launch of this new webshop, and the ambition to take Retrovelove to the next level, is a result of that.

We hope we can give you as much joy as we ourselfes feel when we get to be involved in all the wonderful things connected to classic cars and racing!

Your Retrovaloce team