Terms and conditions


All prices are including VAT if you are shipping to a country within the european union.


We have chosen PayPal as our primary partner for payments. PayPal in our opinion offers the fastest and safest way to make online payments. It is a little more expensive, but quality always comes at a premium. Also, when we need to refund your money within our guarantee or warranty program, we can do that without any transaction costs are being debited by PayPal. That way, everyone is a winner.

Handling time

In our quest to belong to the best of the best among internet based businesses, we have chosen to cooperate with a professional logistics partner. They pack and ship all our orders, and they do so within 5 business days after receiving an order. They get the order to pack and ship the same day as Retroveloce receives your full payment.


We use free shipping for most items and orders. The shipping terms will be displayed with the specific item.  Retroveloce will use an economy alternative, neither insured nor trackable. Retroveloce does not assume any responsibility for the item after it has been dispatched. Please also note that when an economy shipping alternative is used, it is not uncommon that the transit time exceeds 3 weeks. If you in fact are buying an item advertized with the shippingcost included ( free shipping ), and you want to use a faster/safer mode of delivery, please let us know when paying, and simply add the equivalent of USD 12 to your payment ( you may send this amount in EUR and GBP calculated at a spot rate of the day).)

As main provider of shipping services, Retroveloce has chosen Postnord Logistics. This company has been in the distribution business longer than most other companies in the world. They provide a worldwide service with a high quality, at a competitive price.

Please also note that Retroveloce not can take any responsibility for any shipping delays or additional fees or charges if your item gets stuck in customs. That is totally out of our control. We always ship internationally including necessary documentation ( a copy of your invoice ) taped to the outside of the parcel or letter.

Guaranteed peace of mind

You can buy with confidence.

All of our items comes with a 60 day guarantee.

All our customers will in addition to that also get the opportunity to return goods they are not happy with within our 30 day warranty program. And that for whatever reason.

All we ask, is that you return the goods so that we recieve it within 30 days after you recieved it.

That is fair. That way we can make sure to maintain the high standard we aim for, even when it comes to returns, and in the unlikely situation that you are not happy with your purchase.

After having received your return within the time frame of our guarantee or warranty, your full purchase price will be refunded to your PayPal account.


If you need to return your goods, please note:

–  You will have to pay for the return freight.

–  Return the goods so that it arrives with us within 30 days or 60 days depending on your reason for returning the item.

–  Make sure we receive it in the same condition as it was when you received it if your return the item within our warranty programme.

–  For the return transport, use a quality service provider and make sure the parcel or letter is accompanied by proper documentation for clearing customs.