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Internationale Rallye Avus Berlin 1967 badge. Solid copper and enamel car grille badge. This badge is a real stunner with its vintage type steering wheel and the german eagle of the ADAC against the white glass enamel back ground. Being solid copper, it weighs 202 grams. Its diameter is 100 mm or 3.93 inches. This is a big badge!

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Solid copper and enamel car grille badge. This type of badge was issued in commemoration of the Internationale Rallye Avus 1967 event, which in part was held on the famous AVUS circuit outside Berlin. AVUS was essentially two long straights with a hairpin at each end, and was, and still is, a part of the public road net. Being a very fast track, 12 miles long (!) were racing activity started already in 1907, AVUS has seen many daredevils loose their lives, among them Jean Behra in a Porsche RSK in 1959. One can reflect over the fact that in 1937, Hermann Lang AVARAGED 260 km/h, or 162 mph, during a whole race. In 1937! A record that was not beaten until 3 decades later in the Indy 500.



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