Porsche 69-70 world champion badge


Porsche 69-70 world champion badge to installl in the grille of your Porsche.
Chrome plated die struck copper and enamel.

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Chrome plated die struck copper and enamel.

The die struck, chrome plated copper and handcrafted enamel shows that this is a quality badge. This badge wood look good on any Porsche and is a reminder of a great episode in racing history!

Motorsports enthusiasts will never forget the Porsche 917 which when it came into service for both Porsche and other racing teams, and was fully sorted out, was so much more effective and faster than all other cars on the starting grids in the World Sportscar Championship at the time !

Just look at the 917 in action at Le Mans in 1970! When these cars were first tested they reached terrifying speeds, but were by several drivers reported to be highly unstable and very dangerous. Some driveres even refused to race them. However after aerodynamics was sorted out, the cars were to prove themselfes unbeatable in the hands of top drivers like for example Pedro Rodriguez!


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