Bentley Le Mans badget


The badge is solid copper which has been plated in shiny chrome and handcrafted enamel. Just look at the detailed pictures! Mount it on any vehicle, or just keep in in your collection, on your desk or in your book shelf as a reminder of a great episode in racing history!

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In the 1920´s the car to have among the rich and famous was a Bentley. It was the car of choice for young and rich men with motorsport ambitions like Sir Henry Tim Birkin and aviator Glen Kidston. “The Bentley boys” became legends over time not the least because of what they managed to achieve in France in the most famous races of them all: Le Mans! After not having raced at Le Mans since the string of victories the marque won during the 1920´s, Bentley returned to Le Mans with the Speed 8 in 2001, and finally won it again in 2003, 79 years after Bentleys first victory at La Sarthe in 1924. This keyring is a tribute to the marque, but also to the Bentley boys and the spirit that created the myth surrounding the marque and the drivers associated with it. What truly stunning cars!


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